Keisha Nicole

Vegan Tattoo Artist , Pacific Northwest Oregon


Why Patreon?!?!

I want to create visual art content with concepts of my Bioluminescent Bus Project, as well as my Dance. I want to be able to stimulate creative ways to show how dance and movement influence painting , tattooing, and art in general.

I want to create unheard of content with subject matters of any crazy theories, and have a safe space to discuss such bizarre and radical ideas. That way we can journal them , and they can never be book burned !

Being a vegan is hella easy to me, is the foundation of my beliefs . However teaching any one about veganism, or why its so important, and why I do it for the animals first and foremost and then my actual health. Creating the content for such things, requires a lot of time. And that isn’t easy <3 some of the feedback and all the hate you get for spreading love and compassion will always be a task not meant for everyone.

And lets put time into perspective for my crazy art life !

I tattoo 8 hours min. a day 5 days a week. I go home and draw appts for 2-4 hours that night for the next days project at work!

I want to do personal art, so I make time for painting, watercolors, comics, foam spray, any art I want to dabble in that gets me better at seeing what int my mind and projecting it into the vast internet /universe.

I have 4 animals who co habitat with me, and a Husband, who all require my time too!

My body would be a wreck if I didn’t move it , considering creating most art requires precision and no moving at all!

Therefor I practice flow arts that consist of tribal fusion bellydance , hooping, and Kundalini yoga.

SO !

its my vast and array knowledge of subjects that I somehow want to get out into the world, It requires tons of engagement and feed back, and this is the world were in now! Thank you for taking the time to read this , and Hopefully understand why the little income we get from friends and followers , actually makes for better content you are seeking<3



I think youtube will be a great way for people to see me, get to know me , and hopefully be interested in joining my Patreon, or maybe even traveling to Bend Oregon to get Tattooed . Youtube will have all my tattoo related subjects, like conventions I travel to and Festivals I attend. Youtube is a great place to educate the masses on Veganism and what it means to live cruelty free . My means for youtube are to get enough followers in hopes to get people to support these messages <3