Keisha Nicole

Vegan Tattoo Artist , Pacific Northwest Oregon

Photo Credit @nordic.laurel

Horned Fern


My newest video highlights some

epic times of 2018! I love you all <3


Visual Art Shaman

Hello, My name Is Keisha Nicole.
I am a tattoo artist, dancer, yogi, and theorist.
Maybe you follow me on  Instagram @hornedfern or my tattoo arts @keishanicoletattoo
I am a professional Tattoo Artist here in the PNW,as well as a visionary painter . When I am not practicing such medium , I am doing self work through dance and yoga.I was certified as a Kundalini instructor I’m 2014 for a deeper knowledge and home practice , so I house a lot of information from adolescence to now.
Movement is therapy for an extremely anxious creature like me. For me to be able to create art on a daily basis , my mind and my moods have to be balanced.... I find myself in dance and a deep practice, and I want to share my visions with you.
As long as I’ve practice Yoga, I have practice dance , particularly tribal fusion belly dance, I have now picked up hula hoop flow arts to stimulate more creative outlets in the visual projects I am curating !

+My dream is to manifest a small property here in bend Oregon or nearby to build my art space and small rescue farm

i love nude hikes or just being a nudist is general. These photos taken of me are not because i’m interested in an invitation. I am simply allowed to be a naked human in this organic spaceship.

My self focus has been growth and self exploration through nature and psychedelics, liberating myself from judgments

My skoolie bus is a project my partner and I have so that we can bring our art to the festival life, or to you! View my Events tab to know what events Ill be vending and painting at , as well as what conventions and guest spots Im tattooing at!

Flow Arts

Dance and Yoga are the fundamentals of my existence. If it wasn’t for transmuting my energy into a story , or deep stretching …. I coudn’t tattoo 8 hour long days, or paint and draw……. I am thankful for allowing myself to grow in this space.

HookRat Suspension Arts

suspension has helped me with my mental health in many many forms. I also just love doing crazy shit. In the first two photos you can see that I channeled the kundalini serpent in my suspension ritual, it somehow emerged onto my spine! Please keep the negativity to yourself. I have many art form you can look at !